Our language course in Edinburgh Scotland

From 11th to 18th October we, class 8A, spent a week in Edinburgh, Scotland. We attended school there and got to know a lot about Scottish culture and traditions. It was also really funny to hear people talking in the Scottish accent, as it is very different to the one we are used to. Talking to native-speakers was also very good for improving our pronunciation.

In our free time we visited castles or famous sights such as Edinburgh and Falkland Castle or Loch Ness and the famous university town of St. Andrews. We also spent a morning in the Glenkinchie Distillery and it was very interesting to see how the famous Whisky is made.

We also took part in a ghost walk and visited the Edinburgh Dungeon to get to know a little bit about the “dark side” of Edinburgh’s history. One evening we even went to a great event, a Scottish evening, where we danced traditional dances and listened to traditional Scottish music.

Most of us also enjoyed staying with a host family. All of them were really nice and we had a fantastic week in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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