London Trip February 2017 4al / 4dr

This year’s London trip with the 38 students from the 4th forms was full of adventures! On weekdays we went to school for about 3 hours. The teachers were very nice and all of us learned a lot. In the afternoon, we did lots of great things!

We went sightseeing to the well-known Tower Bridge, which is an absolutely gorgeous building, even though we all had to climb so many stairs. Of course, we also saw Big Ben and heard the bells chime. And not only did we go to Greenwich park to see the Prime Meridian, but we also went to other parks like St. James and Hyde Park. With lots of birds to feed and photos to take, we had a good time there! Camden market, where we had a chance to go shopping, was a great experience as well. London Dungeon was an amazing place to visit, even though we were all very frightened! London Eye was another highlight. Going up this big wheel and seeing the whole city from above at dawn was a wonderful view. From St. Paul’s Cathedral, you could see the whole city just as well as from the London Eye. We also took a stroll to Buckingham Palace with the soldiers guarding it, along the Mall, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards and the Palace of Westminster with Big Ben. Windsor was great too, especially the castle, where we got a lot of time to look around and learn about the rooms.

Katarina Reisenberger, 4al

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