London again – at last!

Actually this year’s 5c should have gone to Bournemouth last year, but – as we all know – we got grounded by Covid. Then a skiing week was on schedule in January – Covid again! BUT as soon as it was clear that we could travel again, we decided to go on a journey to London. Sightseeing at its best!

On June 11th the big day had finally come. Prof. Picher, the students and I met at 4 o’clock in the morning, got on the bus to Wien Schwechat and took off at 7:40 a.m. England gave us a warm welcome, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! Our first stop was Windsor Castle. First, we enjoyed the historic apartments, then a nice meal in this beautiful town.

In the evening we reached Lord’s Hotel in London – let’s not talk about it!

Camden Town and a walk from Westminster via Downing Street and Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace were on schedule on Sunday. We could see all these attractions again from the London Eye on Monday morning and after lunch we had a scary visit to the London Dungeon – a real highlight of our journey. Tuesday was our last day in the city. We got on a hop-on/hop off bus to get an overview of the sights we had not seen yet, stopped at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where we all climbed up to the Stone Gallery and most of us even to the Golden Gallery. Here we enjoyed another breathtaking view across London. After a short walk to the Tower, we went on a spectacular river cruise on the Thames.

Though we were quite tired already, we could not do without shopping in Oxford Street.

With a lot of positive impressions we left England on Wednesday, June 15th – but we’ll certainly be back!

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