Language trip to Dublin

On September 12th, 2018 the students of 8A and 8B and our English teachers Prof. Jakob-Schicho and Prof. Wagner-Sinabell left for an exciting week in Dublin. After arrival the host families picked us up, showed us their homes and welcomed us warmly.

During the weekdays we attended language classes (9:00 – 13:15 o’clock). Our Irish teachers prepared interesting and entertaining lessons in which we were not allowed to speak any German. Rule-breakers had to buy cookies for the whole group.
In the afternoons our teachers showed us around Dublin with its various historic sights and cultural events. During our guided walk through Dublin’s city and Dublin Castle we could immerse in Ireland’s troubled history. We also visited the famous Guinness Brewery, but unfortunately only our teachers were allowed to taste the beer. We were too young to try out the alcoholic drink (legal drinking age in Ireland: 18)!
In the evenings we enjoyed dinner in one of the numerous pubs, went to the cinema, had the opportunity to experience a Greyhound Race and a really entertaining pub and music crawl along Temple Bar.
At the weekend our group left Dublin to go on a daytrip to Glendalough (a former monastic site south of Dublin) and after some brisk walking through the fantastic nature there, we spent a rather sunny and relaxing afternoon in Kilkenny.
On Sunday we all got on the bus to Howth, a picturesque village at the sea, just north of Dublin. There the teachers took us along the Howth Cliff Path Loop. Luckily the sun was shining. We had some fresh sea breeze and amazing views of the rugged coastline and cliffs – just perfect for great photos. Some of our brave boys even swam in the very cold Irish Sea; the rest of us admired them and enjoyed the sun at the beach.
In between cultural experiences and exploring the Irish landscape we still had enough time to go shopping and buy some souvenirs.
After an annoying delay of five hours due to a terrible storm in Dublin, we finally arrived home safely on September 19th, 2018.
All in all, it was an amazing and adventurous trip which we all enjoyed.

Alexandra Weibl, 8b
Prof. Jakob-Schicho
Prof. Wagner-Sinabell

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